Brother Industries Ltd is a Japanese multinational corporation. Brother has offices around the world and manufacturing facilities in Japan, Taiwan, Korea, America, Malaysia, Ireland and the UK.

Brother's story begins in 1908 in the city of Nagoya with a small sewing workshop. The founder of the company is Kanekichi Yasui, and in 1925 his sons Jitsuichi and Masayoshi inherited their father's business. In 1932, the company released the first sewing machine of its own production, in two years the number of machines produced doubled. Already in 1947 the company entered the international market. In the same years, it mastered a new market niche for electrical appliances: the production of electric sewing machines, hair dryers, irons, vacuum cleaners, washing machines and other household appliances under the Brother brand, including portable typewriters, began.

The first Brother portable typewriter appeared in 1961. For several years, the export of this product has exceeded sales within Japan. The Brother typewriter has become a reference product, like Sony's transistor receivers or Canon cameras.

In 1966, the company launched the first portable electronic calculator from Brother, and in 1971 created the world's first high-speed dot matrix printer.

In 2008 Brother celebrated its centenary. Printing devices (printers and multifunctional devices) is the main direction in which the company is currently focusing. Although for many years the main product has been printing and facsimile equipment, which accounts for more than 70% of the company's total turnover, Brother still makes the sewing machines that started its history.

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