Exchange and return

According to the Consumer Protection Law, the buyer has the right to return the product in the following cases:

1. Return of goods of proper quality

A consumer can return or exchange a product that does not suit him within 14 days from the date of purchase: according to article 9 of the Law "On Protection of Consumer Rights", a product of good quality (no defects) can be exchanged or returned to the store if the following requirements are fulfilled: 
  • no more than 14 days have passed since the date of receipt of the claim for return, excluding the day of purchase;
  • the goods are not included in the List of goods of proper quality that are not subject to exchange (return), approved by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine;
  • the product has not been used, its presentation, packaging, consumer properties, seals, labels are preserved, there is no mechanical damage, the product is in working order;
  • there are all documents for the goods (instructions, warranty card, receipt or sales receipt that confirm the purchase), all labels, factory markings and packaging are preserved.
When returning a quality product, the buyer has the right to exchange the product for a similar one. If the seller does not have a similar product, the buyer can purchase another product from the existing assortment of the store with a recalculation of the cost, or terminate the sales contract and return the money back (within seven working days).

2. Return of goods of defective quality

According to Article 8 of the Law, if the consumer, during the warranty period, has identified defects that have arisen through the fault of the manufacturer, he has the right to replace the goods or refund money for compliance with the following requirements:
  • the goods were bought in the Europarts Ukraine LLC store;
  • the warranty period for the product has not expired;
  • the buyer provides the settlement document issued upon purchase of the product and the warranty card;
  • the buyer presents the conclusion of the ASC about the presence of a significant defect in the goods or a conclusion about the excess of the period for repairing the goods.
Replacement of goods is made if available immediately, and in case of absence - within two months from the date of application. If it is impossible to satisfy the demand within the specified time period, then the consumer has the right, at his choice, to demand the replacement of the goods with defects for another goods of another brand (model) of good quality with a corresponding recalculation of the price or a refund. The consumer's request for a refund is made within seven days.