Розумний датчик дверей і вікон Koogeek DW1 Door/Window Sensor

Koogeek Door & Window Sensor Apple HomeKit - sensors for your safety

Everyone wants to have confidence in their own safety, as well as the safety of their own home during their absence. And these two modest-looking devices will help you get it. Buy Koogeek Door & Window Sensor to be calm for yourself, loved ones and your property. Touch sensors are installed on windows or doors and will immediately report as soon as they try to open them. Smart sensors connect to the developer's proprietary application and the Apple HomeKit system. Next, you receive notifications on your smartphone as soon as doors and windows are opened. One set is for one point.

The sensor is easy to attach. For this, a sticky surface is provided on the back. Make sure that the distance between devices in the closed position of the door or window is no more than 1.5 cm. Otherwise, the sensor will not work. You can purchase several sets, install them on all objects of interest and register in the application under different names. In addition to notifications, at any time you can go to the application and check the status of windows and doors in the apartment by the recorded names.

Additional features

But security control is not the only advantage that comes with the price of the DW1 smart sensors. Synchronize them with other Koogeek devices and make your home even more comfortable. For example, you can set in the application settings to:

  • the light turned on as soon as the doors were opened
  • the air conditioner turned off when the window was opened
  • and when closing, the climatic technology, on the contrary, turned on

And other nuances that will be convenient for you personally.

Among the additional features there is also a useful function for recording information about the last 100 door openings/closings. This will help to identify unauthorized entry in time, even if you missed the notification. Or just check when your child returns from school.

Power supply

The smart touch sensors are powered by a CR2450 lithium battery. Be sure to keep an eye on its charge - check the status in the application. It is not necessary to completely remove the case to replace an old battery. It is enough to pry off the sensor cover and it will come off.

The use of sensors on windows and front doors has many advantages and will save your nerves in various situations. At the same time, they are not expensive, extremely easy to use, compact and look neat in the interior.

General characteristics
Main characteristics
Additional text:
Apple HomeKit support
Compatible OS version:
iOS 9 and higher
Control with:
iOS app
Country of origin:
Number of units:
12 months
Wireless standard: